About Border X Brewing

Border X Brewing was born in November of 2013, when the Favela family came together to spend time together and make something they all loved, Mexican inspired craft beer! Initially, there was no business plan! The idea was to make enough beer for friends and family and create a space where we could all be together. Well, it turned out that our customers became our extended family and came out in force to drink every drop of every beer we could produce. Within two months we opened another tap room in Barrio Logan, which was a complete success and we quickly outgrew. Within six months we had to expand from that location to our current home 2181 Logan Ave, where we have been for nearly 10 years serving our customer familia!

The Founders

David and Marcelino are both brothers, and the original brewers and founders were Martin and Marcel Favela, Marcelino’s sons. When we first started the brewery, we made traditional European recipes as we learned the craft and industry, but we decided early on to make original Mexican Craft Beers. What it meant to us was that while we would leverage the equipment, core ingredients and recipes from traditional US/European origin, we were going to add our own Mexican American roots. Our first beer following this approach was our Blood Saison, a traditional Saison but using massive amounts of Hibiscus flowers and Agave to create a beer inspired by our mother’s “Agua de Jamaica”. We were not the first brewery to use hibiscus flowers, but we were the first make it using our own personal experiences in the quantity we used. It had to have the same punch as the Aguas we had grown up with. Therein was the difference, an authentic merging of beer traditions with Mexican flavors, traditions and ingredients.

The Managing Team

David Favela is the CEO of Border X Brewing and has led the company for over eight years. He was a high tech executive prior, working multiple positions in manufacturing and business development. He is currently also the Director of the Talent Foundry at UCSD, where he works to help increase the number of, and size of, diverse start up in biotech and technology.

Carmen Favela is the COO of Border X Brewing where her experience in marketing and operations management makes her a strong leader. She brings a long and broad background in real estate and marketing. A detailed oriented and creative leader, she is responsible for leading many of the initiatives at the brewery.